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Moon Series

We offer a wide range of hardware for all our holds. Unless stated all our hardware is zinc plated which we find is more than enough for most applications. Please contact us if you require stainless steel fixings and we can quote you. The hardware that each set of holds requires is stated within the description.

M10 Countersunk Bolts

These M10 bolts are sized to fit any our holds

50mm Individual - £0.15
50mm Pack of 100 - £15.95
70mm Individual - £0.32
70mm Pack of 100 - £29.95
90mm Individual - £0.40
90mm Pack of 100 - £38.95

M10 Pronged T Nuts

Pronged t nuts designed to be inserted in the back of wood for fixing holds to.

Individual - £0.15
Pack of 100 - £12.95
Pack of 1000 - £79.95



Round Plate T Nuts

Currently Unavailable




Dynafix Inserts

Wood fixing for when you are unable to get to the back of the wood.

Individual - £0.75
Pack of 50 - £28.95
Pack of 100 - £39.95



Expansion Sockets

Designed for fixing any of our holds to a solid wall. Our expansion socets come with bolts.

Individual - £0.85
Pack of 50 - £32.95
Pack of 100 - £49.95



Setting Tool

For installing our expansion sockets.

Individual - £2.20



Bolt Hanger

Individual - £2.60




6mm T Bar

A sturdy 6mm allen key for tightening our holds.

Individual - £5.50


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