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Since the beginning of time mankind has stood in awe of natures power and beauty. After millions of years of sculpting, chiselling and eroding nature has provided us with the inspiration we needed to replicate it. When shaping our climbing holds our clear aim was to be revolutionary in our styling and approach. Our climbing holds take natures greatest natural elements and bring them to your local climbing gym…

All our climbing holds are based on a central theme, we have then produced a number of climbing hold styles within this theme to allow for diverse route setting. Our holds are produced to the highest standards using the best materials and techniques available. Our holds come with quality assurance guarantees to ensure that the end product is of the highest quality and will last as long as nature's originals that they were styled on.

For specific information on our products please see our pages concerning colours, delivery and technical information. One of our key objectives at Up Holds is to bring climbing to everyone. Our industry first recycling scheme aims to do just this by passing unwanted holds onto charities and clubs at a discounted price.

Our range of climbing holds is constantly growing with new series and sets being produced on a regular basis. Why not follow us on Facebook for regular updates on our brand and product line?

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